"an activity sewed around our clients,
to tackle every necessity"


Our exceptional traditional selection

Our company takes care of picking the best bovine races; this choice is directly correlated to the different markets, given that it influences the quality, the taste, and the tenderness. The genetic heritage of an animal, along with diet, determines the quality features of its meat. Beef's offer thus includes European and Italian meat. Bullocks and young beef cut and vacuum-packed with or without bones, hung up or in cartons, guarantee a wide choice in terms of quality and quantity to our clients. More precisely in Italy, we breed specific races in the production of high-quality meat: limousine bullocks for the Casoni breeding of dr. Campedelli, Aberdeen Angus of Placido Massella from the Mr.Beefy make, beef and pure wagyu bullocks of Cà Negra, the Italian crossbreeds from grass-fed Friesians and Angus. The foreign, instead, are 90% bullocks and they come from Poland, Austria, Denmark, Croatia, Spain, Finland, Scotland, Ireland, and England.

Meat processing

The processing, deboning and the packing take place in a structure that's called CEE 863S since 1993 only by internal staff. Our vacuum-sealing is heat-shrinking with a feature that I would call handmade. Our dedication conveys itself in the machining of tailor-made cuts executed by our staff according to precise client standards. We believe in an active consumer, we don;t want to only inform but we want to personalize every order. Therefore in a highly customized activity based on specifications that can vary according to the mood and demands of the market. A relationship based on trust links our longtime client to a company that places seriousness and passion before the mere work for its own sake.

"We are scouts and creators"

The first meat selection is in the purchase. The thing that drives the impulse buying is made of lots of factors that, all together can make a difference: first of all the product. The choice of purchase is driven by the perception of high quality. The second phase is in the warehouse, where the owner personally chooses the meat for shape, age, quality, fat-slim ratio, the grade of finishing, marbling. We have a way of conceiving the work with at the basis respect for the animal and the idea of using all of its parts, this means to offer to the client the possibility of choosing cuts from A to Z, including giblets. The third phase of selection varies from the decisions of the same client: in this particular operation, the sensitivity of the selection will lead to a choice the respects the needs of the client. The client is seen as a single entity. The relationship between the two becomes collaboration. With suppliers, breeders or butchers we have relations of stability to guarantee a constant product in quantity and quality.


Regarding the distribution, our client portfolio goes from the traditional butcher, in constant research of meat and different cuts; to staff shops, to supermarkets, to meat centers, where quality, price, and quality make all the difference; and even to restaurants, to barbeque restaurants, to steakhouses, to corporate canteens and even collective catering. The distribution shall be carried out by our vehicles in the areas where we're present in a widespread way, in other areas we have agreements with carriers. We hire carriers of proven trust and experience to deliver our merchandise in the whole of Italy, including islands, and the whole of Europe. Logistics is one of the functions to which we entrust the concretization of the extra value of our products, which is client service. The objective of our logistics system is to create the conditions for a perfect combination between effectiveness and efficiency: we try to ensure the delivery of our products in the requested times and quantity, containing as much as possible their stay in the warehouses and or in means of transport. The vehicle fleet, made of vehicles of different capacities, is integrated and renovated regularly to allow a timely and detailed distribution.

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